Agragami Gruop of Educational
Agragami Gruop of Educational
Agragami Gruop of Educational



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Mrs. Sushmitha K

"The children of today will make India of tomorrow," as Jawaharlal Nehru famously remarked. Our nation's future will be shaped by the way we raise our children. Education serves as the cornerstone for a child's future well-being. The education provides children with numerous options to enhance their quality of life through which they can accelerate the development and advancement of our country.

Education is nothing at all if it only educates the intellect and not the heart. In order to help the child, interact with people of diverse beliefs, ages, guides, backgrounds, and much more. We, The Agragami management, assist children in developing the confidence to socialize with individuals in society and outside of their home. We also assist the child in developing a teamwork attitude, which instils discipline and helps the youngster maintain attention, laying a solid basis for future growth opportunities. We are committed to help children grow in all areas, including their mental and physical growth. As such, we offer exams, sports, extracurricular activities, motivational sessions, industrial trips and co-curricular activities that build a child's mental fortitude and empower them to face difficulties head-on.

At our college, we Agragamis firmly believe that fostering the ideal atmosphere can boost a child's confidence and sense of self-worth. We organize athletics, art, and intramural college competitions that can assist a youngster in identifying their talent, enhancing their self-worth, and developing their social skills and courage. We also help improving child’s critical thinking and analytical abilities, which boosts decision-making confidence.

Our goal is to develop young minds into self-assured individuals who can face the world with positivity while retaining their uniqueness. The team of Agragami PU college supports a student's holistic development and produce outstanding citizens for the future of our nation. We promise to ensure that no Agragami youngster is overlooked, by providing an appropriate PTR (pupil-teacher ratio).


Sl.No Designation Name PHOTO Qualification Experience
1 Principal Mrs. Sushmitha K M.Sc, Ph.D 8
2 Lecturer in Physics Ms. Sandya Rani M.Sc 2Years
3 Lecturer in Biology Ms. Bhanushri R M.Sc B.Ed 9 Years
4 Lecturer in Mathematics Mr. Veera Babu M.Sc B.Ed 15 Years
5 Lecturer in Business Studies Mrs. Gowthami MP 2 Years
6 Lecturer in Accountancy Ms. Rashmi R M.Com 2 years
7 Lecturer in Economics Mr.Manjunath R MBA 2 Years
8 Lecturer in Computer Science Mr.Naveen Kumar N BE, M.Sc 9 Years
9 Lecturer in Kannada Ms.Jayashree H S MA,B.Ed 8 Years
10 Lecturer in English Mr Rehaman M A MA, BEd 9 Years
11 Lecturer in Hindi Mrs.Preethi Sinha BA,B.Ed 5 Years
12 Physical Education Director Mr. Sudhakara S A BA, B.ped, M.ped 3Years
13 Admin Mr. Hanumanthappa S BA 30 Years


For class I and II PU, we adhere to the NCERT curriculum (National Council of Educational Research and Training) as well as the study plan set forth by the Karnataka State Board, Government of Karnataka.

Courses Offered

Languages Offered


English (Second Language)






Course Subjects
PCMB Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology
PCMB Physics Chemistry Mathematics Computer Science


Course Subjects
CEBA Computer Science Economics Business Studies Accountancy


The pupils will adhere to the Pre-University Board's exam schedule.

The Pre-University Board will assign internal scores depending on each student's performance based on all of its tests.

All languages and non-practical disciplines receive 80 marks for theory and 20 marks for internal assessments, whereas practical subjects receive 70 marks for theory and 30 marks for practical.

exams that must be taken during the academic year, and the evaluation criteria will be based on the following mark distribution:

Test Science Commerce
I Quarterly test 35 Marks 40 Marks
Mid-term Exam 70 Marks 80 Marks
II Quarterly test 35 Marks 40 Marks

For subjects that are not practically applicable, it is mandatory to turn in the project/assignment report and give the presentation.


Each non-practical subject carries100 marks. (80 + 20)

According to the evaluation criteria, theory-70 marks and 30 practical marks for the fields of Computer science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

To pass, a minimum of 35% of the total theory marks as well as practical marks must be earned.

Topics with applications in Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics- minimum theory score is 21, and minimum Practical marks are 13, resulting an average of 35%.

For Specially abled candidates: Such candidates who have obtained exemption in one language by the Department, the result will be declared and class will also be awarded considering the marks obtained in the remaining 5 subjects.

Grace Marks: Grace marks have awarded to eligible candidates as per rule 22c (Go No. ED 465 DGW 2016(2) Dt.25.03.2017) of Karnataka Pre-University Course State Level Public Examination (Amendment) Rules,2017.


Distinction 85% & above
First Class 60% & above & below 85%
Second Class 50% & above & below 60%
Third Class 35% & above and below 50%


Qualified, dedicated and inspiring faculty.

Well-equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science.

Availability of drinking mineral water using RO filter plant.

CCTV monitoring across the campus.

Value based Education.

Positive learning atmosphere.

Special coaching is given to low performance to upgrade their performance.

Conduct extra-curricular activities to learn life skills.

Add on courses for Science and Commerce students.

Activities conducted on stress management and personality development.

Co-Curricular Activities

The college will conduct various cultural and sports activities for overall development of the students.

The co-curricular activities will improve the ability of the students along with the activities. The inter college competition will also have encouraged to enhance the ability of the students.


Eligibility & Admission Procedure to I PUC:

Students who have passed the Karnataka Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (10th Standard / SSLC) or any other examination recognized by the Pre University Education Board of Karnataka are eligible for admission to I Year PUC

Candidates from outside Karnataka shall produce Migration Certificate and Eligibility Certificate

Caste Certificate in the prescribed form duly signed by the Tahshildar shall be enclosed for claiming concessions and privileges earmarked for such students for selection and admission.

Application Forms downloaded from the Karnataka PU board website must be duly filled and submitted to the college on or before the specified date.

It is requested that only 'Certified Copies' of T.C. and Marks Card are attached with the application form and T.C. original copy also should be submitted.

Management reserves the right to admission.

On Admission, The Students Shall Produce:

  • 8 Passport size photos.
  • Original SSLC Marks Card for verification with a photocopy.
  • Original Transfer Certificate with a photocopy.
  • Original Demand Draft for the amount notified as announced in the fee structure.
  • ICSE/CBSE students shall submit two photo copies of both Marks Card and Transfer Certificate.
  • Parents should accompany their wards at the time of admission.
  • Photo copy of Adhar card and Caste and Income Certificate.

General Instructions

  • It is mandatory to attend 75% of each topic in order to take the annual exam. The principal lacks the authority to approve attendance.
  • Attendance at tests and exams is required.
  • In the event of a leave of absence, the class instructor should receive a leave letter.
  • Students should maintain complete discipline in the classroom and college campus, else strict action will be taken.
  • There is a strong warning to students not to use their phones in campus
  • It is highly recommended that parents attend the Parent-Teachers' Meetings.
  • Parents and pupils must adhere to the institutional plan.
  • Regular attendance in the labs and updating of the record books are expected of science students.
  • Fee paid once to the institution will not be refunded on any account. The fee receipt should be preserved and produced on demand.
  • All admissions are provisional and are subject to the approval by the Department of Pre-University Education.
  • Incomplete applications will not be entertained.
  • Students who have arrears of fee and shortage of attendance will not be permitted to submit their application forms to any of the qualifying examinations.


Library (The BOOK NOOK)

The Book Nook is our gateway to the world of books and information. It is well Furnished with variety of collection of books, which is of utmost use to students. Apart from the syllabus oriented it is embedded with books related to literature, Science and Technology, Languages encyclopedia’s fascinating story books, solving puzzles and value based education. It cultivates the habit of reading and develops the ability to analyses the problem on their own. Time to time the books are upgraded to provide meaning full reference material to student and Teachers.

Agragami Group of Educational Institutions


The college is well equipped with science, Maths & computer labs for enquiry based to conduct practical classes. The students will conduct various experiments as per their syllabus. Practical classes enable the students to understand and experiment with great zeal and energy.

Agragami Group of Educational Institutions

Games and Sports

In order to bring about a co-ordination between body and mind the college gives prime importance to physical fitness and sports activities. It provides opportunity for various games and sports. Annually various indoor and outdoor sports games are conducted and the students who excel are rewarded by the college management on the sports day event. Inter-house competitions urge them to win the race or trophy among the students with a healthy mind & atmosphere. It helps in the development of the child both physically and mentally.

Agragami Group of Educational Institutions

Field Trips

Educational tours and field trips are organized from time to times as a part of the curriculum to enrich the knowledge blended with joy.

Agragami Group of Educational Institutions